Monday, October 1, 2012

Family Photos, Photographer included.

When it comes to family photos - whole family photos - it is hard to do it when you're the one holding the camera.  Honestly, I am rarely in photos.  Not only do I hate my photo being taken (it is so awkward - yes, I feel like you do), I also rarely like the outcome (too fat?  too white?  too me.).  I'm not a big fan of editing-to-the-point-you-change-the-appearance so making myself skinny on photoshop is out of the question.  However, my kids need to remember me right now as much as I need to remember them.  I wanted a photographer that could capture how much we love and care for each other, as well as make me look like a model. 

Like most folks seeking a service, I got online and started browsing through some local photographer's webpages.  I had two requirements - that it not be too expensive and that I recieve digital files so I can print myself.  Most folks want that these days anyway, right?  As a photographer, I really want people to print because in 30 years, you won't be able to see your images on a DVD (our kids may not even remember what they are).  I will print my photos for sure.  Even plan to make Christmas Cards with them!

This all reminded me of how important your website is - because that is how someone gets to know you and first impressions count!  From this, I plan to make some changes to my own (this) webpage. 

I also have a goal of using our in-closet clothes to make coordinating (not matching) outfits for our shoot.  OK, so maybe  can buy one or two things, but I want the majority of it to be in-house.  That is one thing I try to tell customers is to pull from what you have first.  Pick one or two things and then go from there.  We'll see what I come up with!

Last, I love photojournalistic style of photography.  I used to love posed shots.  However, when Holly was almost 1 and we were as broke as broke can get, my friend, Gretchen, graciously took of our family-of-four portraits for free.  I was hooked on the way she captured natural poses... interactions rather than poses.  I still treasure those photos.

I chose Sara Davis Photography to do our 2012 family photos.  She is out of Durham and I loved all the images she had on her website.  She was recommended by one of my biggest local inspirations, Ginny  Corbett Photography (who only does weddings).  I simply cannot wait. 

And, so my diet begins today. 30 day shred, here I come!

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