Monday, June 20, 2011

message in a capsule

yesterday we went to kendal and holly's twin cousins' 3rd  birthday party.  the kids had a blast so much that they hardly made it the car before they zonked out (holly was already laying her head on my shoulder after eating cake).  mom shannon had a neat idea (which she mentioned that she re-used from another party) which was having a box where you could put a note for the girls that they will open on their 16th birthday.

i did not put a message in either box.  i could not think of a thing to say.  nothing. 

but, i've thought about it non stop since then and i've come up with a few things that any 16 year old should know - something that i did NOT know when i was 16 but i know now.  things like...

1.  your parents will be a lot cooler once you have a college degree.
2.  no matter how much you think you want your shoes back, let your sister have them.  holding a grudge about it for months isn't worth it. 
3.  learn to cook even though you know you think you don't need to.  same goes for laundry.  spend time on how to get out stains.  and ironing.  even though your mom does them for you, make the effort to help her.  you need to learn.
4.  always treat your sister with kindness, honor, and respect because just because she is your sister does not entitle you to be her friendship.  after you leave home (and are all grown up), she makes that choice because she wants to, not because she has to.
5. it is better to be classy than trendy.
6. BE YOURSELF and don't follow the herd. 
7. drugs aren't cool.  neither is smoking (smoking  may be obsolete in 13 years). 
8.  what you do today causes and/or prevents cancer when  you are older, so treat yourself right. 
9.  stay away from tanning beds.  wear sunblock. 
10.  eat healthy.  it is easier to not gain weight than to loose it...

can  you add to my list?  i think i may use this idea for kendal and holly too.  it was a really great one.  i'm sure, at age 16, they will roll their eyes at it.  i know i would have.

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