Monday, June 27, 2011

photo challenge: favorite from june

paper mama's photo challenge for this week is "a favorite from june."  i haven't taken many photos this month.  it's been a busy month.  however, i do have a favorite, but technically i didn't take it.  nathaniel took it (i edited it).  and, this one won't win any special awards.  not only was it taken with our crappy camera, it was also taken in the hospital, where the light is horrible. (thank God for PSE!) 

it is what this picture represents that makes it my favorite for this month.  it represents, first, a successful ear tube surgery.  which also means that (so far so good anyway), no more repeated ear infections - thus no more antibiotics constantly messing up her system.  her stomach is finally healing.  her diaper rash is finally healing after 8 months of on-and off- bumps.

it also that she's also my baby.  look how she needed (and let) me hold her!  (forget the fact she was doped up.)  it also represents the end of her baby-hood, though technically i know it is long gone. but, she's been holding on to those pacifiers for way too long.  2 days after this, she gave them up.  it took a little bit of encouragement, but she really did it on her own.  she was ready.  she says "my big" (i'm big).

oh, holly, why did you have to grow so fast?  you know, she's 2-1/2 now.  and, big girl panties are her new thing.  diapers are next.  i will always look at this picture at her last real "baby" picture.

The Paper Mama

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