Sunday, July 10, 2011

Holly's Birthday-Christmas list

updated 1/1/12!
I'm still doing the brooke bedroom but i'm waiting for a sale....
I plan to get her the quilted bedding (both quilt and the euro sham, the sham i will monogram somewhere NOT at pottery barn).
Eventually i'll get her a canopy

DVDs: barbie charm school, any of the disney princess DVDs (we have most on VHS, and they aren't available in stores, they'd have to be bought through amazon or Ebay)
a kid-style CD player for her room (the girl LOVES music!)

accessories for her loving family grand dollhouse (fisher price).  she only has what came with the house (the kitchen table, mom dad and twin babies).
she loves playmobil.  she's probably love the vet, zoo, etc. 

oversized melissa and doug puzzles (girlish ones)

a watch

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