Tuesday, March 27, 2012

my after 30s bucket list

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.   - Anatole France

yesterday when i was driving home, a motorcycle passed me on the road.  i was thinking about how when i was about to turn 30, i had a bucket list.  one of the things on it was to ride on a motorcycle (before i turned 30).  that is not on my list anymore.  one of the things ON my bucket list was to swim in the pamlico river.  surprisingly, right before josh was born, i was visiting my sister.  the week i came back, my friends, emily and gary, were visiting a friend (who was also one of my work aquaintances and made the best crab cakes i've ever eaten) at his house, which was on the river.  i actually got in the river - with him - AT NIGHT!  i don't think they knew it was on my bucket list.  i was so scared a shark was going to eat me.  or a crab. either way, this was checked off within weeks of my 30th birthday!  (no one ever said your bucket list had to be exciting, right?)

i was thinking of what is on my list now, and was quite surprised what the first few things that popped into my mind were. 

1. run a half marathon (interesting since i am about 50 pounds overweight and get out of breath walking up 2 flights of stairs). and for some reason, i want to run one in st. louis.  why?  i have no idea!  i don't even know if they HAVE a half marathon!

2. successfully be completely vegan for 1 month.  yes, this means no cheese and eggs.  or butter.

3. juice fast for 1 week.

4. be my correct body weight.

is it clear what i think about all the time?  weight!  eating!  but do i do anything about it?  no!  gosh.  one day, though, i'm gonna do something big for myself.   maybe that day is today.  maybe tomorrow. (i'm excellent at procrastinating.)

so i was thinking about other things i want to do while i LIVE, and here are more:

5.  bike (pedal bike) from hatteras to okracoke.

6. do a 365 project and make it into a book.

7. climb to the half-way point of mt. everest (seriously, only half way: i don't want to need oxygen).

8. sleep in the bottom of the grand canyon (yes, that includes the hike there and back!  probably want to do this during or after my half-marathon fitness training.)

9.  have one of those zipline experiences.

10. learn spanish in spain.

11. mail a postcard to myself from antartica.

12. plant a successful flower garden in which i keep out the weeds and keep the flowers alive.  by myself.

13. see niagra falls.

14.  learn how to sew.  nothing fancy, but enough that i need to buy a sewing machine and i know how to use it.

15. host an exchange student. (from spain would rock, maybe s/he can give me a kick start in spanish!  haha)

16.  have a pet sheep. or cow.  and a dog.

17. take dance lessons with my husband.  and since he's already taken ballroom dancing, my choice for the style is shag!

18.  learn how (and actually do it) to properly wear make up! i know that one sounds weird but i never wear it (outside of colored gloss and mascara), mainly because i don't really know how! 

i don't think any and all of these are un-achievable in a lifetime.  some may be cost prohibitive (like going to antartica) but within a lifetime, i can save for it!  :)

what's on your bucket list?


  1. Interesting list! A dog? Really??? Is that for you or for Kendal? :-)

    I hope you make it to Spain. I think everyone should experience life in another country where the language there is not their own.

    Your list is very thought out. I had one, once. It was sorta silly, like "Eat figgy pudding" and "Dress up like Elizabeth I of England for Halloween".

    Now that I'm approaching 50 (gasp),I should start thinking about a new list.

    Hand in hand with a Bucket (To Do)list should be a, um, not sure what to call it for a catchy name list (Accomplished) of things you never thought you'd do and/or things people might not know you've done.

    As for me, I'm off to the shower so I can try that pin up hair thing again.

  2. Melanie here! I enjoyed this piece, please email me--I have a question about your blog. MelanieLBowen[at]gmail[dot]com



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