Thursday, March 22, 2012

rule breaker...

i'm pretty sure i've blogged before about how you shouldn't wear white off season.  open mouth, insert foot.

forget those rules.  as my mom said this morning, probably some old lady in boston made it anyway, right?  yup, it is march 22nd and i'm wearing white pants (that are a linen blend to boot!).   AND, i've been wearing sandals all week  AND... i sent my kids to school in shorts this week. it isn't even past easter yet!  it has been hot enough for sure, we've been near or over 80 for 2 weeks now and not only is it officially spring, the plants are letting us know about it for sure (everything is yellow). 

so, forget tradition.  i'm wearing white whenever i want. 

[ok, so i'm not going to wear white shoes quite yet, but pants - yes!] 

and as i mentioned to mom this morning, if i lived in southern florida or the bahamas, i'd probably wear white (and linen) year round - it's seasonally appropriate there!  :)


  1. Does that mean I can wear flip flops in January again?

  2. Yep...have worn my white shorts a few times already this year and the new bikini I bought is white background.

    I always thought that white rule was lame, but, then again, I grew up in So CA where we never paid attention to Eastern fashion rules, anyway!

    As the Beach Boys said, "I wish they all could be California Girls!"



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