Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lincoln Memorial

I know i've mentioned how crowded DC was easter weekend.  The Lincoln Memorial was shoulder to shoulder packed.  We couldn't even get close enough to really see the statue.  Since we had walked so far, we thought we deserved a break.  so after viewing the grand statue, we walked around back in view of the river and the bridge and tried to sit down.  this is where kendal had a meltdown and thought the sky was falling (or something).  he wouldn't eat.  he wouldn't sit down.  we got a rest but he did not.  of coarse, he was getting to rest while we walked.  we did have to endure his screaming and whining.

and on the walk back there, holly decided that kathy was someone she really liked.  she preferred her hand over mine.  it just melted my heart and i'm sure it did kathy's too!  holly held kathy's hand more than just that time.  it was precious to watch!

 and of coarse we had time for silly shots.


  1. loooks like yall had a great time. hoping to go one day!

  2. Lovely lovely lovely. Yes, so sweet to see Auntie Kathy and Holly. Hey, has Kendal lost a tooth?

  3. And, every single time I've been in DC it's been totally crazy-crowded.



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