Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

first of all, we went out and decided to get off at the l'enfant metro stop rather than smithsonian.  at that stop, there are three options for coming out of the ground.  we picked the l'enfant plaza choice because we did not know which to do.  it wasn't the right choice, but there was a starbucks at the top of the 1000 story escalator.  woohoo!  coffee.

here is one from the morning on the metro - taken by holly:

first thing to do:  find our way to the the air and space museum (which will now be called the AASM).  we picked this stop because according to online, there was a mcdonalds there (and there was).  with one really picky child, he sorta has to be accommodated when it comes to eating out - and mcd's is one place he will always eat.  so, air and space was first.  kathy was very patiently waiting for us!  i think we were about an hour later than we thought we'd be.  (starbucks only took 5 minutes.)  our lack of metro knowledge took the rest.  think "which way do we go?  which way do we go?"  we needed a compass.  and a map.  that would have been helpful.

ANYWAY, the kids sorta liked the AASM.  they liked the big planes but it was REALLY crowded so there were long lines to do anything.  there wasn't much to "touch" - and whatever was to touch again had long lines.  it was a really busy weekend in DC.  think NC fair on a friday!  like that. 

and i have this thing about taking pictures with strangers in the background.  so, i really didn't take too many.  but, i have a few.  here are the ones from the AASM.  i'd like to go back, maybe on a day that isn't so crowded.

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