Thursday, November 25, 2010

all because two people fell in love

hopefully i'm not spoiling melissa's fun by sharing her OWN photos, but i had so much fun taking these (and i love them so much), i just can't wait to share them myself.  (she did say it was ok to share them. but, if you see these again - well, act surprised!)

these are all right in their back yard at one huge oak tree.  well, i guess it is an oak tree.  i didn't really notice any acorns or leaves... 


of coarse, ALL the fairels were here this thanksgiving!

this one is behind their house at "the rock" club house, as grace told me.  she also told me that there was a dead squirrel on it (which i never saw when i was de-constructing the clubhouse which consisted of about 15 logs straddling the two big rocks with a plastic sheet over them).

this one is my favorite (set) of them all.

they all got a great work out when we (i mean they) were trying to jump at the same time.  we had a bunch turn out good though!

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