Thursday, November 11, 2010

my wish list, reposted (for nathaniel)

ok, nathaniel, this is from may's blog post!
this list is not in order.


2.  i really want this fisheye lens - but i suppose in the spirit of saving money, these filters will be ok (though they are hardly a replacement).

3. 85mm lens like this one with an f/1.8.  i would prefer one with 1.4, but we're talking like almost TRIPLE the price for that tiny bit of [aperture] ratio. so, um, i guess if someone would say "hey, spend $1400 for me", i'd take this one.

4. yea, so this one is for when i make it "big."  i suppose i can always dream.  i know i have lenses that already cover this "zoom" range, but what makes this one different, again, is the f/2.8.  my lenses are f/3.5-5.6 which means i need more light.

5. an external flash and a softbox diffuser (that one would be specific to the type of flash i actually got...)

6.  a high-performance card (this one is low on the list!)

7. a remote for the shutter...
8. a nice tripod.
9. a 35mm prime lens 
10. a light sensor.

i suppose i would also add here some reflectors.. but i'm not even sure what i "need" (want) since i don't know much about them!  :)


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  2. The first item on the list, Bokeh master kit, has been purchased!



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