Monday, November 8, 2010

Seneca Guns

I was just reading an article on about a boom rattling the coast. Apparently, there was a boom and a shake and it is unexplained.  Military doesn't claim it, USGS says there wasn't an earthquake either. 

I thought this would be a great article to read during my lunch break - "article" meaning the chance to read about the idiot explanations in the GOLO comment section beneath the article.  And, well, I was mostly right.  I haven't really a guess as to why it happened so I thought i'd be fun to see why the rest of NC GOLO thought it happened.  I read about Seneca guns and Blackbeards cannons.  I had no idea what either of those were.  I couldn't find anything quickly about what Blackbeards cannons were so I searched for Seneca guns - and actually found a USGS webpage about them!


Basically, "Seneca Guns" is just the term for an unexplained loud boom and the sonic vibration that goes along with it.  Even more interesting, the author made a list of things that Seneca Guns were not:  like, Indian Ghosts firing to disturb descendants of settlers... and a meteor... and top secret military operations (since if were top secret, the military wouldn't let us hear or feel it!)... and lots of other good items that seneca guns are not.  I thoroughly enjoyed the authors logic.  It makes me ready to complete my Monday!

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