Thursday, October 28, 2010

30 min tex mex quinoa (or rice) dinner

ordered some magazines from faith and josh and i just started getting the vegetarian times one - oh my goodness, it is awesome.  i turned down six recipes to try in the first one and that is a lot for me!

made the first one last night - it was supposed to be a 30 minute meal and, well, it was!
it also tasted delicious-even holly loved it.

here's my version of the recipe (in the order you cook it)

step #1:  look at the time.  make a note of it because 30 minutes later, this meal will be DONE!

step #2:  put a large pot on the stove, on medium.  in it, put 2 T of olive oil.  when the oil is hot, add 2T of cumin SEEDS and cook for 2 minutes.

step #3:  while they are cooking, open a can of black bean soup, a can of corn (do NOT drain it), and a can of black beans (and drain and rinse them).

step #4: after that 2 minutes is up (it should be smelling yummy!), dump in the black bean soup, , 16 ounces of salsa (i buy salsa out of the produce section of the grocery store, but the jar kind is fine too), 1 cup of quinoa OR white rice if that is what you prefer... but the quinoa is awesome!, the can of washed beans, and the can of corn (juice and all):  stir it and stick the lid on it. if you're cooking with rice, you may have to add a little bit of water.  since i used quinoa, i'm not sure about the rice.  it will be just fine if it is a little soupy - but you want it to have ENOUGH water!  either way, when it starts boiling, turn it down to med-low.

step #5: while that is in the works, wash and chop up some green onions.  i chopped up the whole bunch like you buy them in the store and put them in the pot and then stir.  now put the lid back on and just let it sit there and simmer until the 30 minutes is up (remember? you checked the time when you started!).  you can stir it again it if you want but in the mean time, get the table ready!

i served it with guacamole. and sour cream and cheese sprinkled on the top.  my pot made 5 hearty servings!

the only fat, really, is what you put in it as far as EVOO.  there is lots of healthy protein from the black beans and quinoa.  the carbs are all complex.  this, to me, is a perfect meal!  this also is the type of thing i was eating when i lost that first 30 pounds.  even with the sour cream and cheese.  i NEVER go fat free.  fat free = more sugar & calories (check your label!)  its all about calories!  this probably has about 350 to 400 calories per serving.  that's probably pushing it, too.

anyway, try it - i hope you love it!

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  1. May have to try this one. Our budget is rather tight so we are always looking for filling but not too expensive meals we can make.



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