Thursday, October 28, 2010

eggs &dreams

lovin' the new egg background!  eggs are yummy.  i wish i had time to eat them every morning!

holly is a dreamer.  this morning, she woke me up saying "maggie, maggie, NO MAGGIE!"  i wonder if she got her cookies or something.  lol, what in the world could she have been dreaming?  better than the way she usually says "mommy, daddy, mommy, daddy, kendal..." in a very panicked voice.  i always wake her up from that one.  i don't want my baby having nightmares!

i dreamed about tornadoes last night (but suprisingly not a scary tornado dream).  i dreamed that i was in a car wash (it wasn't on) - one of those glass ones like they have at sheetz and it was me and andrea and jim (her husband).  and, we looked out and saw tornadoes all around us.  there was a grocery store about 2000 feet away and a bojangles the other direction about 150 feet away but we didn't think we could make it to either place.  about 50' away there was a culvert but we were dressed up in costume (for halloween?) and none of us could fit inside it because our costumes were too bit.  so, we just huddled around it.  that is when i woke up.  i remember thinking that the tornado was probably going to pick us up if it went over us, unless one of us wedged inside the culvert like a plug.  i have the strangest dreams.  good thing it never got to that.  i remember andrea was dressed like an angel in all white with wings and she was getting dirty down in the dirt of the culvert.  i had on some sort of box (robot maybe?) and jim had on black but i don't remember what he was.  maybe he had on a tux and was dressed up like a DJ.  hahaha (he is a DJ in real life).  anyway, at no point was i scared or panicked.  maybe that weather radio is helping!

ok, that is it.  time to load the car and wake up the kids.

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  1. I am literally sitting here in a white angel costume with wings!!! Office Halloween costume contest today. CRAZY dream!

    By the way, the eggs are making me hungry now.



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