Friday, October 8, 2010

halloween is like the prom for kids

i read that title on someone else's blog today (i was blog-dropping) and i was thinking about how when i was growing up, we didn't ever have much of a halloween.  one of the un-perks of living in the sticks.  we visited our immediate neighbors, and that was about it.  we never got much candy (from trickortreating - father and tuter gave us plenty!) and we also never got trick-or-treaters.  i LOVE the way my kids get to "celebrate" halloween. 

i hope in the next 10 years their costumes get more elaborate as their imaginations grow and they get to have those fluttery tummy bugs in the hours leading up to the moon-rise.  i hope that i can help them be as ghostly and gobliney as they want to be, no matter how much work it is.  halloween is about fun.  and, i want them to have it!

this year, they are wearing their glow-in-the-dark skeleton pajamas for halloween.  i hope it isn't too cold.  otherwise, they'll be jacket-ed skeletons.  :) 

(holly's are just like this but pink. they both glow in the dark!)

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