Tuesday, October 5, 2010


i bought kendal and holly new pjs and matching slippers yesterday (it is finally cold enough in the mornings to need slippers). 

kendal calls the slippers - slipperys.  "hey mommy, where are my slipperies?"  "holly, look at my slipperies"  "daddy, i have raccoons on my slipperies!"  we can't help but laugh every time he says it.
we also can't help but also call them slipperies too.  it is almost time for mommy to both get out THEIR slipperies unless daddy will let us turn on the heat at night!  i'm used to 80 degrees (inside) and not our new 65 to 70 degrees indoor temperature yet! 


  1. Cute.
    It's supposed to be 82 this Saturday, which will be nice weather for the Beer Festival.

    It's only 48 right now. BRRRR.

    I guess I need me some slipperies!

  2. Ha ha! The word verification I got for the last comment was "Slipm"!

  3. Gabe has an ism:

    The TV remote is called the "tramote"

    It cracks me and Gary up every time Gabe says, "Where's the tramote?"

    Oh yeah, and dinosaurns...that one is funny, too.

  4. Sam calls them Flippers -- but pronounced "fwippers".



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