Friday, October 22, 2010

flowers? i don't smell any flowers.

life has gotten pretty fast here lately.  my blog is obviously suffering but until i figure out this whole balancing act - well, my blog really isn't that important in the grand scheme of things.  one day i'll  be able to blog more and keep you guys up to date.  but, just know that while i'm not blogging, i'm working and making time for my family and cooking and cleaning and eating and peeing and sleeping.  even the cats are lonely. 

i've had a great change for next week - i ended up having an opportunity to switch working at gymboree from monday to sunday which means that i don't get to go on a trip to the zoo BUT i do get to stay home with the kids all day on monday AND i don't have to beg my dad to babysit H&K on monday (since kate will be out of town).  AND, i am working next week on t,w, and th so i have off on friday, which means weather permitting, i think we'll go to hill ridge and have a family fun day.  it'll be our last one until we can travel to missouri for thanksgiving.

and what else is new... i'm shooting family pictures in the morning, a family of 4 - and then i'm working at gymbo tomorrow afternoon and THEN i have an awesome opportunity to help out a friend and be a #2 photographer at a wedding reception tomorrow night.  yes, i overbooked myself but if i want to become the best at what i love well, i need the practice.  and, that is what i'll be getting tomorrow.  lots of it.  they'll have sparklers so the best part is that i'll get to make more sparkler pictures AND i'll get to show someone else (another budding photographer) how to do them too!  i love sharing things like that.  anything to help someone else get to where they want to be!  but hey - she may be competition one day.  hum, maybe i better rethink that... ha!  just kidding rebecca.

where i work is moving offices to a new green building in downtown, and they have an example of the new cube in the building.  it is really nice and they are all concerned with outgassing of things - green includes air quality too. the rule is that we can't bring any stuff from home into our space (like coffee mugs for pencil holders, etc.).  we get to pick out 1 of 3 chairs and then we get 165 points to pick out office supplies - everything having different point values (dry erase boards, marker caddy, paper holders, shelves, etc.)  i was noticing how much of the products are plastic, though.  which, disappointments me. why don't they provide us with recycled steel or aluminum?  plastic is not only is a petroleum product, but this type of plastic is NOT the kind made from recycled products OR is recyclable when it is broken.  and, it looks like it would be easily breakable.  anyway, i don't have a permanent job but i am performing the job of a position that will one day be permanent (by somebody) so i get to pick out the supplies for an office space.  incidentally, our unit/group will be located on the 3rd floor.  sorta cool!  also, these cubes have taller walls than the ones we have now AND have sliding doors for privacy - AND also have a locker for coats and/or field clothes.  it is a really nice setup in there.  i wonder how much money is being spent on it!  and, how much perfectly good desk equipment like chairs and computer screens and chairs will be going into surplus!

i also got my first vegetarian times magazine yesterday.  i read it at lunch today.  i've had a real problem finding interesting recipes lately because all the other magazines i read frequently (martha stewart, weight watchers, cooking light, etc.) have very few vegetarian recipes.  so, i ordered veg. times.  i actually turned down 6 recipes i wanted to try!  that is a record for me.  two of them were "under 30 minutes" - i'm gonna stop by whole foods and pick up the ingredients for one of them today.  we need some quick meals to start making starting next week.  we are starved when we come home and, well, starving = junk food/poor meal choices = i haven't been loosing any weight for almost a month now!  if any are share worthy, you know i'll post them.  well, if i have time.

ok.  enough.  that is my brain dump for 3pm on a friday.  not long before i leave.

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