Monday, October 18, 2010

30 days of green - day 4

day 1 - we air-dry our clothes.

day 2 - we compost grass trimmings.

day 3 - our family of four only has one vehicle.

day 4 - we "maintain" a yard of weeds rather than grass.  i know you're thinking this is just a laziness or skill issue (and maybe it is) but having weeds (that this fall, we figured out will self-seed if left long enough without mowing) require no water or fertilizer.  thus, this saves on water AND prevents unnecessary over-washing of fertilizer into ditches, creeks, and rivers.  we used to think that we wanted grass.  but, i think we've decided that weeds are just fine.  it looks green - and is only ugly when you get up close to it. :)

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