Sunday, August 14, 2011

betty davis eyes

remember that song?  i used to love it growing up.  i haven't heard it in years though.

this week's challenge at i heart faces is "beautiful eyes", and paper mama is "eyes" and, well, i know a little girl who has the prettiest ones i've ever seen! (as a matter of a fact, i'm proud to say those eyes grew in my belly!)

though it is hard to get her to both sit still AND look at the camera - and this picture has both  (her at full attention, eyes open wide), i think this is a good picture that captures how beautiful her eyes are.  though i do shoot in raw and process myself, nothing was added to the photo to enhance the color (like a boost).  that IS the color of her eyes.  sorta a green-blue.  just like my sister's - and dad's.  (and, she isn't naked, she has a sarong wrapped around her torso...)

This photo was entered into the I Heart Faces photo challenge
and the paper mama's photo challenge
The Paper Mama



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