Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dinner with girlfriends: If you could erase any person from the planet, who would it be?

At dinner the other night with 2 old girl friends and 2 new girlfriends (I had never met them).  One of my friends who is super creative and fun - well, she made a bag of questions for us to read and answer.  The questions were awesome.  Like, oh, no, i can't really share most of them.  They are some that you ONLY talk about with girlfriends!!!

However, one of them was "If you could erase any person from the planet, who would it be?"  The other girls gave non-deep answers (ex-girlfriends, annoying coworker, etc.) but my answer was serious - and true to my heart.  My answer was every person in our current congress that was voting for legislation that will ultimately ruin our environment.  I implied they were all republican, but we all know they are not.  Environmentalism isn't a party, it is a way of live conserving and preserving the great Earth and all the things on it that God made for us.

Interestingly enough, one of the ladies at the table, one of the ones of whom I had just met, had a daughter named Reagan.  We all laughed because it was pointed out that maybe I was insulting her because she was a republican and she named her daughter after Ronald Reagan.

I found this quote a bit ago and it made me think of that moment.

[Ronald Reagan] embraced scientific understanding of the environment and pollution and was proud of his role in helping to phase out ozone-depleting chemicals. That was smart policy and smart politics. Most important, unlike many who profess to be his followers, Reagan didn't deny the existence of global environmental problems but instead found ways to address them. -Sherwood Boehlert, Republican

Bottom line, I wasn't insulting her at all,  in fact, I was complimenting her if she in fact named her baby girl after him!  It is unfortunate that there aren't more political leaders out there like him now.

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