Monday, August 15, 2011


have i posted a nathanielism before?  if i haven't, i should.  sometimes he has funnier ones than the kids.  maybe it is because we grew up different (on opposite coasts in opposite urban settings which is nearly like being born an raised in different countries), but we have in solid families with parents who love us.  our families are different, but they each have their strengths. 

that's not what this blog is about though.  i'm just explaining why some of the seemingly simple things he says are funny to me.

for example, tonight, the kids were ready for bed.  we were just laying on the bed, playing, and there was a stink in the air.  i said "smells like kendal."  holly declared it was kendal (she is the tattler), and then kendal said "i have to poop."  he said "good lord, son, you smell like a digester."  seriously.  this qualifies for one of those "you know you are married to a wastewater engineer when..." moments.

not moments later, after we watched kendal's "poop cycle" as we call it (and the proud papa raved at how large of a poop "his boy" could produce without any strain - i can't make this stuff up!), we were back in the bed, tootsie rolls in hand (rewards, for placement under pillows since they are received after the teeth are clean so the sugar bugs don't come get their teeth).  anywho, nathaniel exclaimed to holly "never grow up" and then... "just be a nun."  we aren't even catholic.  besides two weddings and one baptism, i'm not sure that i've even been in a catholic church.  suppose holly has a ways to go on that one.  dream big, daddy.

then in his next breath, he said "did you know your daddy has 107 okra plants?" 

random.  extremely random.  i guess he is on his second week cutting them and since he does have a counting OCD, he now has them numbered...  one more week and they'll each have a name. 

i bet he talks to them.  he sure loves those okra plants.

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  1. "i bet he talks to them."

    Pegged dead to rights. First thing I say (out loud) when I get to the garden is "What have you got for me today, ladies?"




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