Monday, January 9, 2012

kendalism - spinners

a while back (maybe 2 years ago), nathaniel bought me an atari game system.  yup, one compatable with today's TVs - suppose it just looks like the old one, with joysticks and all.  it was fun playing (beating him) in maze craze over and over.  but, it really just sits there.  i'm not much of a gamer.

kendal discovered it about a month ago and fell in love with two of the games.  he askes EVERY DAY If he can play a game in front of the tv.  i try to put him off until the weekend and usually i do (successfully) but this weekend, he forgot to ask - or we were too busy/gone. 

today he asked.  nathaniel got out the atari, and kendal asked for the shooting game (something with airplanes).  next, he asked for the spinners.  spinners?  we had no idea what he was talking about.

 remember these bad boys?  when you shoot them, they spin.  yea.  spinners.  (i hated combat when i was little.)

he also loves maze craze.  and "the boy shooter" (some aqua game where a scuba diver shoots fish).  anyway, his attention span is about 30 minutes, and holly's about 2. 

"orange boy" is outlaw - very similar to combat, just with people.  i never remember most of the games on this system.  maze craze was the ONLY reason he bought it for me!  he didn't believe i was the supremo champion of all time!

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