Monday, January 23, 2012

skipping days (stomach bug)

thursday night, our heater had this awful smell coming from it and no heat to boot. so, the kids and i packed up and went to mom and dad's house. nathaniel stayed behind to clean out the attic and find out model numbers, etc. for our HVAC man. 

it was a little after 8 when we were driving to moms.  i remember thinking "i guess i will be late to work tomorrow!" - the kids bedtime is 8 and no way could they go straight to bed at mamaw's house.  too many things to do. one thing i was NOT doing was stressing about how much it was gonna cost because we have our dave ramsey emergency fund for times like this!

like, break your glasses.  yup.  not really broken, exactly, but i was back in the bedroom and kendal brought me his glasses and said "here mommy!"  one lens was missing.  FRANTIC SEARCH!  found it.  no screw.  crap.  guess this REALLY means i'll be late as the glasses place doesn't open until 8.

at mamaws house, the kids have a routine of who sleeps where - and i just messed it all up.  kendal and holly BOTH wanted to sleep with me (rather than one with mamaw and one with granddaddy) - so we started that way.  not for long, though, holly wanted out because kendal wouldn't scoot over.    holly and mamaw bunked up at that point. 

around 12, kendal woke up screaming because his legs hurt.  after forcing advil down his throat, he finally wanted mamaw (to calm him down) and so mamaw and i switched places in bed.

for almost 2 hours i tossed and turned because i couldn't get comfortable.  for some weird reason, i kept feeling nauseated.  especially if i laid on my left side.  i tried and tried to get situated - but finally i got up thinking "i'll just go try to use the bathroom."  that didn't end so pleasant.  i woke everyone in the house up vomiting (i didn't see it coming either...).

so for the next 12 hours, my stomach felt like someone punched me in it.  because i have migraines, dehydration is VERY important to NOT GET otherwise i'll end up in the hospital.  dehydration causes migraines causes more vomiting causes more dehydration... vicious circle.  i took phenegrin to help after the 2nd round of puking my guts out.  luckily, i timed it right and it helped. 

the next 24 hours were very painful because i had a fever too - and along with the regular discomfort of fever (achy joints, hurting skin), my backbone hurt like MAD!  it felt like i had spikes out each vertebra and i had a hard time moving (because of pain).  tylenol and advil hardly helped with it.  i thought it was hard to sleep but, at the same time, i did a lot of sleeping. i was quarantined to a back bedroom with no heat (which was fine by me) and no tv or music or sound and several blankets to pull on and off as needed (as fever fluctuated).  mom came in ever couple of hours (?could have been every 5 minutes for all i know!) and left me drink (or to make sure i was drinking).

so, i missed a whole day of my life.  it is totally gone (and frankly, i don't want it back!) 

the part i found so interesting is that, in the middle of all my fever and pain, all i could think about was how happy i was to have my mama taking care of me (not that nathaniel couldn't have done it..., but his hands were full with the kids)!  if it wasn't for our heater going out, i would have never been there. i hope this was a Godly Intervention (Miracle?) to keep my husband and babies from getting this bug.  my mom and dad have likely already had it (in missouri).  i sorta feel like it is a miracle i'm still alive.

suppose time will tell on the contagious part.

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