Saturday, January 28, 2012

Valentines Day House

Mom gave me a plastic gingerbread house for christmas and it is one that you can decorate, clean, and redecorate for any holiday or to match anything in your house.  with valentines day coming up and the boys gone to the basketball game, it was the PERFECT opportunity for holly and me to roll up our sleeves and decorate it!  i bought a lot of candy at walmart, and cereal.  hot tamales, red hots, candy corn, sweet tarts, another kind of hearts (that taste horrible), strawberry mini wheats, twizzlers (which holly said tasted like poop), strawberry wafer cookies, pink marshmallows, pink heart gummies, vanilla frosting, and green sprinkles.

the way it went was... she did half and i did half.  you'll see...
but she ended up with a lot less frosting that she started with.

i was done and my hands were washed... she's still work on it here... but i remembered to get my camera.


her final product - she was very proud!  isn't it beautiful!!!???

all in the details!!! (and the spikes across the top are "my side")
 note how the frosting is missing...

 i think this is supposed to be a flower!
birds eye view...
  isn't it just adorable?

ok, here is mine.  it looked more like the picture that came in the brochure with the house - clearly more of a pattern than holly's (she is only 3!)

 i can't wait to make an easter one!

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  1. Yours and Holly's creation is absolutely adorable. Funny thing, when you were telling the story of her eating the roof frosting, I could already see a picture in my head that was very similar (with the help of your spot-on impression) to what you took with your camera.

    Thanks again to both of y'all gals for letting me come hang out with your boys! It looks even more like you two had as much fun as I did...



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