Saturday, December 5, 2009

a few photos of the tree...

for obvious reasons this year, we had to put away my numerous breakable (glass) ornaments and thus our tree is very sparsely decorated with the few plastic ones i've gathered through the years.

however, i did still put kendal and holly's special ornaments from mark and amy (at the top of the tree). here is holly's (this is its first year on a tree!)

and kendal's ornament (it is his third year!  it does have his name on it, you just can't see it from this angle)

and, here are holly and kendal at the tree the morning after nathaniel put it up!
(they are still in PJs AND they had a cold, thus holly had on a shirt/bib. oh, and did i mention these pictures were with my phone?  which is why they are bad.  my camera was mia for a while when we got back from KY.)

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