Tuesday, December 22, 2009

happy birthday baby girl!

a year ago i was in labor.
a year ago i was still wondering if i could love another child as much as i already loved the one i had.
a year ago i was wondering if i'd be home in time for christmas, and when they'd let me eat, and if my head would ever stop hurting (i.e. if i'd puke or have a baby first).  i was thinking about kendal and how he was doing with mom and dad and the fairel clan, and missing him so much.  

i've learned since then that kinda like when you overfill yourself with a wonderful meal, you always have room for dessert:  no matter how much you love your first child, you love the second one just as much.  and, i dare say in a different way because my two children are SO different in every way (but looks and xx xy chromosome pairs... ha!)  melissa says that no matter how many you have, you love them all as much.  i'm not gonna test that theory, i just believe her.  i really do believe her.  because i know if i had a third, i would definitely not worry about loving it as much as #1 and #2. 

well, gotta cut this short.  kendal decided to wake up poor holly - who had 5 shots today.  she was 30-1/4 in long and 23 lb 2.25 oz.  that is 85 & 80th percentile for the baby girl charts (for what that matters).  i can tell you she's a big one because she's been wearing 18m clothes for 3 months now!  :)

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