Wednesday, December 16, 2009

indie rock lover in training!

kendal is typically indifferent to my music.  ("my" music being indie rock.)

yesterday, i saw him dancing in his car seat to rough steez.
thename of the band is obscene so i won't write it, but, i'm sure i'll show up on this youtube video.   don't be mad at me for posting it though, i didn't name the band.  and there aren't any words in the song, it is just music/beat.  kendal loved it!


  1. I have never heard of this band. How in the heck did you?

  2. Music sounds like the natives are restless! Which would be a much better name for this band than the one they have.

  3. they play on the station i listen to on xm. they don't play obscene music, their name is just odd.

    you are right mom. i can think of a few better names for them. :)



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