Wednesday, December 23, 2009

holly's first birthday, dec. 22nd party!

here are some pictures from holly's BIRTHDAY birthday party.  (to be followed by her  just plain birthday party... ha! what's better than celebrating twice???)

first we opened a couple of presents from mom and dad... we gave holly a little purse and a pair of footed PJs.  kendal got some puzzles for holly's birthday.  :)

next was a lot of yummy food.  not much to show with that except that we had a table full of children.  the joke was that it was all my mom's grandchildren sitting around nathaniel's mom's table!  ha!  it was a full table...

and last came cupcakes.  since the anna and jackson's birthday party a couple of weeks ago, we've been priming her for cake.  she loves it (naturally, she loves everything).

and now to wash it down with milk!  yum!  happy birthday holly!

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