Tuesday, May 20, 2008

hair dilemma

well my hair is big. my hair has always been big. when i say big, i mean BIG. i have so much hair it is pathetic. i'm like the opposite of a balding woman.

so from time to time, i get tired of my hair (as most women do) and need a change. when my hair is long, i want it short. when it is short, i want it long. so i was thinking of doing both... keeping the back long and cutting the front short. what do you think?

on a serious note, i am kinda tired of my hair. it really is heavy, and i wear it up every day. it is "easy" so to speak, since all i do is wash and brush it. i usually let it air dry in the car and then promptly pull it up into a bun before anyone sees me. but, even buns are heavy (and get old). sometimes a woman wants some style! styling my hair as it is now is a long and tedious project. i have to dry it (which takes forever and i get really really hot). then i have to straighten it (since my hair isn't wavy enough to let it go natural, and besides is frizzy as all get out so i really can't just let it go natural). straightening it takes forever, since i have to do it piece by piece...

several times in my life i have sported this haircut, the "inverted bob" whatever that means. but, it is the short in the back and longer in the front. i'm sure most of you have seen me with this cut. my hair does grow fast though, so having this cut requires monthly visits to kim. which as i go now, it's nearly monthly anyway (for color).

so, kate is getting this haircut very soon (next week) and i was considering getting it too. keep in mind my color is more like the brown photo, and i'll probably get it colored like that in the end anyway (highlights in the front). i suppose i could try the blonde, but that requires too much maintenance too since my hair grows like a weed and i'd have to die my roots too often! what do you think? keep it long or cut it short? make a comment!


  1. Short is good, but please refrain from the mullet. Otherwise, Marsha may want you to meet her kitty kat.

  2. I like the short cut! Plus, you still have a long pregnancy ahead of you. During pregnancy, your hair is thicker (due to a lack of it falling out at 'normal speed') so I think you'd like the short because it isn't so heavy. I am the worst for hair, though. I wear mine up in a half tucked ponytail everyday. Every day. Every single day.

  3. Oh... and it isn't like this is the first time you'd be going short. Your hair looks good short and you know it, so you won't have any pregnancy hormone craziness about hating it :-)

  4. which is why I haven't cut mine yet. Sorry I forgot to add this when I added the last comment. Pregnancy brain.

  5. I like that cut. I thought about getting it before I cut mine all off but my hair isn't as thick as yours so I don't think it would have looked as nice. Then, of course, I found the picture of the hair I wanted. BTW, that Chico's chick (the hair I copied)now has a blonde, curly mop. Weird!

    But, your sis is right; summer = hot.



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