Thursday, May 22, 2008

i never thought i'd see the day...

i'm such a meat eater. those of you who know me know that simple fact. beef, in particular, has always been my favorite meat.

if you remember from my last pregnancy, i could not eat chicken. it made me sick to even look at it. well, let me tell you what has happened to me during this pregnancy thus far. beef. beef is a no no. last night i grilled grass-fed beef ribeyes last night. yum. it looked delicious. one bite into the medium rare steak and i thought i was gonna puke. on the second bite, it was confirmed... i could not eat steak. (i did eat the corn on the cob, though, corn is a yum.)

about every other week, my dad fries crappie filets outside at home. i've loved eating them until the last time they were cooked... i couldn't stand the smell of the grease, much less the fish. i couldn't even eat the cornbread/hushpuppies that mom made, because the smelled like hot oil.

on the cruise, i kept getting seafood (because generally i love it). well, shrimp, lobster, crab, fish, all yucks. i think my favorite meal on the boat was either some sort of cold creme based fruit soup or the mushroom alfredo pasta i ate. yea, real fancy, huh?

so today it is already 1pm, this morning i felt really really sick (never did throw up, though, i feel like if i had i may feel better). i ate a biscuit (plain) from sunrise biscuit kitchen and a large tea. i think thus far today the only thing that has been good was that tea.

so now i need to eat but i don't want to. but if i don't i'll get a migraine. ah, the dilemma.


  1. I still have meals of buttered toast. Not overly buttered, but just a little bit. I still can't stand meat -- and I am 29 weeks pregnant and am usually out of "that" phase by now!

  2. You know what I remember? With YOU, analee, I couldn't eat steak....a little hamburger, yes, but steak, NO THANKS. I only wanted watermelon...and orange spice tea.
    With you, Melissa, I only wanted watermelon, couldn't find the right tea. With Katelyn, I didn't want watermelon, only strawberries and they gave me heartburn.
    Sounds seasonal, huh?

  3. I forgot the main thing I lived off with ALL of yall....NABS, broken in four pieces and put in my mouth to just dissolve. Kept me from being sick and if I didn't have them, I felt sick!

  4. I know I know that "crappie" is a fish, but, whenever I see that, I think as in "crappy".



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