Friday, May 2, 2008

the passing of time

my computer plays a slideshow of all my "kendal" photos as the screensaver. i often find myself watching it, saying "awwwww" at the way kendal has grown! recently, i sifted through all of his baby clothes with the intent on sorting OUT the "genderless" newborn clothes to send to melissa (since she is waiting to find out the gender on baby #4). i boxed the remaining boy clothes up according to size. i really can't believe he used to fit in those tiny little newborn clothes! it was funny the memories that become attached to certain outfits. i suppose i can see now why mom didn't throw away (or donate) any of our baby clothes. i could see myself hanging on to all these things, even if i wasn't going to use them again (which HOPEFULLY will not be the case).

i was doing this packing about the time we were planning on a cruise sale date of may 10th (the next available cruise after the one we booked). to be honest, i kinda was sad about that (fortunately it worked out that we could bump it up a week) because i'd miss my first mothers day with kendal! but, now i won't miss it, and we STILL get to go on a cruise. i already have that deep dread in my stomach about leaving. it is already so great that i have nearly stopped eating except when starvation mode hunger kicks in. i used to get this feeling when we'd visit melissa in missouri from the day we arrived and, likewise, it worsened as the trip grew long and the drive/flight home grew near. (this was when grace was a baby, and again when faith was little too). i used to love to see them, but the entire trip i dreaded the leaving part. i even contemplated moving to MO for a while (i don't know if M knows that).

well i'm aimlessly rambling now... i can't believe how fast time passes when you become a mother. i know it "speeds up" as you get older, but once that motherhood part kicks in, time REALLY flies. i can't believe i'm 32. i can't believe kendal is 8 months (almost). seems like just yesterday i graduated from college and traveled eastern NC with the DOT. and it seems like just last night i met nathaniel. and just 2 hours ago i was pregnant.

so here is my photolog of my screensaver version the passing of time. go ahead. you can say "awwwwww" too!

-18 weeks

1 hour

5 days

2 weeks

1 month

6 weeks

7 weeks

8 weeks

9 weeks

10 weeks

11 weeks

3 months

3.5 months

4 months

5 months

for some reason, i can't upload any more photos... so i do have one for the 6 month and 7 month period, but i'll have to try later to do it. maybe it is too early for blogger to be working right!


  1. The 8 weeks picture got me. That was such a stressful day (November 11th) waiting for our son to get out of surgery. A lot of emotions in a handful of pictures.

    Can't wait for the next baby!

  2. Just wait... it doesn't slow down. In about 2 weeks, Rocket will be starting kindergarten and you will feel you heart rip out sending him to somebody else! But you will also feel all of the pride that comes with knowing that he will do great!

  3. The hospital one is one of my favorites. I keep it on my cell phone. It's just so poignant!

    Great pictures!

  4. oh god melissa... way to make me tear up!



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