Wednesday, May 28, 2008

what dads are for...

this weekend, we went down to morehead to visit some of my old friends. we ended up having SUCH a great time that we stayed the whole weekend.

well these friends have a nice yard, with nice grass. at one point kendal got a little restless and his dad took him into the yard. i went inside, and when i came out, this is what i saw:

my first thought was "oh my god he's gonna get eaten up with bugs from sitting on the ground" but what was i supposed to say? well, i said nothing and ran and got tina's camera (since i forgot mine - thank you pregnant brain!)

kendal was having such a blast playing with the clover flowers. he had them stuck behind both ears, in his shirt,...

and between his toes!

it really was sweet watching him sit on the ground with his dad. i know for certain that i would have never done that (sit him on the ground sans towel or blanket), not that it is a bad thing to do. i just don't like to feel the grass. i don't even walk barefooted in the grass!

so i guess that is what dads are for. letting their children do things they would not get the chance to do with their mamas!


  1. FANTASTIC pictures!

    Yeah...dads DO typically "let" kids do stuff moms NEVER would.

    And vice versa, probably!

  2. I have almost the same picture of Rob holding Grace in the grass -- the first time her feet had touched the 'ground'. I never would have done it! Great pictures, though! His curls have really come in!!

  3. Picture #3, where RKT is profile-looking at the clover, reminds me of that black-and-white picture of Grace that you used to have (on your desk at work, I think?)...

  4. So sweet! The pictures are so good..they capture Kendal's posture so well and Nathaniel's concentration on his son and clover. Now we know what to do when either of your men get grumpy...sit them in the grass and leave them alone for a little while!
    So cute.

  5. Just wait until it starts raining!

    We'll be jumping in puddles and making tasty mud pies using your old tins!



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