Tuesday, May 27, 2008

i saw this postsecret and it made me cringe.
i think, officially, i have embraced my whiteness.
actually, i covered it in SPF70.


  1. I'd rather be stark white with smooth alabaster skin and live, than have a skin cancer riddled leather-like hide and die.

    Bring on the SPF 100, and I'm dreading my doctor visit in two weeks. I know I'll end up with a big old scar on my upper right cheek...

  2. That would be the VAIN side of me speaking, regarding the scar.

  3. The person who sent that in has obviously never had to deal with skin cancer.

    I know when I was young and dumb and vain, I probably felt the same way, but, had anyone shown me someone with skin cancer/the trauma, I might have been smart enough to stay out of the fake bake machines.

    Anyway, we're all getting serious about this menace. Even Mr. B now has an appointment to go get checked out.

  4. I'd rather be pale than look like a leather ottoman by 50 yrs old. But that is me...



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