Wednesday, May 28, 2008

think first - then stick!

on the way home from the beach on monday, we got behind this truck in james city. maybe you can see that there is decal on the rear window... it said:



well that is real classy, eh? first off, i can't help but notice the poor grammar. shouldn't it say "get off the phone and drive, dumbass?" second, nathaniel pointed out that it'd be kinda funny if it were on the front window and written in reverse (so the driver in front of him could read it in their rear view mirror, like an ambulance, you know?)

but that isn't where he had it glued. having it on the rear mirror only spoke to those who he was passing (or that were catching up to him, like in our case). what was he thinking???

i'm not a fan of bumper (or anywhere else on the car) stickers. are you?


  1. Hmm... not a fan of bumper stickers, they are basically car tattoos... People get them, then don't like them anymore/outgrow them, and can't get rid of them very easily... ;) And while there are a few clever ones out there, most of them are cheesy!

  2. I agree. When I was in college and had a run down Ford Pinto (yes, a '72 the exploding variety), my sister and I covered it with bumper stickers. But, I was in my late teens/early twenties and it was a "piece o crap" car.
    I see folks with these lovely cars; BMW, Porsche, Audi, etc., (or, even ANY car that looks half-way decent) and they have a bumper sticker slapped on it, usually crooked.
    If folks INSIST on advertising "whatever", at least use the magnent things, which can be removed (or moved around).

  3. Nothing beats awful vanity plates though.

    I saw a Z4 the other day that had the plate "4 U 2 NV"

    Yeah, what a pompous ass. Expensive cars are meaningless to me, kind of like expensive clothes.

    Give me something that will get the job done for an economical price and I'm set. (State worker attitude)

  4. I think that the 'more' correct grammer would be "Get off of the phone" -- unless someone is actually ON the phone, like sitting on it.

    Oh... and I only use the magnet things. There was a time (like Mrs B said... late teens/early 20s) when that is acceptable, but not so much now.

    Though, I am a fan of tattoos. But only ones that have been thought about... and not the ones that you decide and get on the same day. Those tend to be regretted.



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