Monday, November 30, 2009

'canes game vs toronto in which they actually won!

chris treated us to a hockey game last-last thursday - he had an extra ticket so we took kendal.  he LOVED LOVED LOVED it!

here are some pictures...
kendal smiling at chris...

mommy and kendal

"uncle" chris

the cutest close up shot i've ever taken of kendal

nathaniel had to hold his seat down because he wasn't big enough to keep it down with his own weight:

kendal discovering all the pretty young ladies sitting behind us.  he flirted, and so did they!

1 comment:

  1. My fave (pic) is the last (flirty) one... He was working those Canadian gals over! The Rocket's got two good sides, while I've got nary a good one, as evidenced by the pic of me... ;)

    Kendal must be the Hurricanes' good luck charm, b/c they sure haven't won since he got to see them...



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