Monday, November 30, 2009

kentucky trip

we visited melissa for pre-thanksgiving.  if i had known everyone else around her left town for thanksgiving, we would have stayed.  seems that every other year there are lots of folks around!  oh well, next year i'll know to ask that question!

we drove up on saturday and came back wednesday afternoon.  the trip took a little over 10 hours each way, but that included 2 pee/walk stops and 1 dinner that lasted an hour.  not so bad.  the kids did great.  they watched trucks during the day - kendal even kept saying "look hottie, truck!" and at night we opened the DVD player and watched wonder pets (on the way there) and thomas the train (on the way back - borrowed this one from melissa).  in all, the kids napped at their normal time, and then sacked out at their normal time.  its funny how when we are at home, bedtime (and nap for holly) is a fight!

so anyway, without further introduction, our pictures!

grace and faith walked holly around everywhere!

josh in motion...

what is funny here is the expression on their faces as a reaction to holly's crying/screaming!

holly with her sista' from anotha' motha'

have you ever wondered what an angel looks like when she sleeps?  well, this is it:

holly and sam had a great time emptying melissa's tupperware cabinets!  thick as thieves i tell ya!

and then... hurricane holly got a hold of the dvd storage area (beneath the fish tank).  oh yea.  mass destruction.  (however, we did find the thomas movie!)

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