Tuesday, November 3, 2009

time change

 (sleepy kendal with cheese doodle residue around his mouth.)

yet one more reason i want to live in arizona.

when the clocks turn back one hour... most folks enjoy an "extra hour" of sleep.  my kids don't understand that concept.  thus, according to my clock, my day starts an hour earlier.  lunch is an hour early. nap is an hour early, as is dinner and the bedtime crankiness. 

i wonder how long it'll take for them to reset their little internal clocks?  i know last night i was asleep before 9!

1 comment:

  1. I've started just getting up with the sun... Then, my only confusion is how conventional lunchtime (noon) changes in distance from sunrise... ;) It does take the dramatic, discontinuous break out of things, though! And, it overlaps for a majority of the year with or between my 5:55a (3 5's) or 6:25a (5 to the 4th power...) waking times... It also generally goes with my "eat when you're hungry, and don't eat unless you're hungry" reasons for why lots of days, I only eat 2 meals, but some days, I eat 4...

    But my real point in commenting, besides providing weirdness... ;) - Nice human calendar! I like the Brady Bunch effect of staring at the current day... And, Cheetos does seem like it'd make a nice lunch today, or maybe an afternoon snack during the "consistency" meeting in which I've been sitting...



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