Monday, November 16, 2009

new shoes!

ordered kendal and holly each a pair of squeaker shoes from sophie's chic boutique  (they had the best prices... plus shipping...).  i got both pairs of shoes for a little over $30.  i ordered them on friday... and i got them today! talk about FAST shipping!  even better... the shop takes paypal, so i could use our "profits" from the ebay sales to buy them!  not a dime was drained (directly) from our banking account!  :)

kendal's shoes

so holly was still sleeping when i put kendal's on him.  she woke right up... the squeak is louder than i thought it'd be!  but, i'm already used to it.  it is nice to know where he is without having to follow him around all morning.  (honestly, everywhere in our house is safe for them to be alone, but, i still like "knowing" where he is.)

holly's shoes

i put holly's shoes on her after i got her up from nap.  they are a little big still, i got her size 4 which is her size right now - the shoes obviously run big - but they'll last her through the winter (won't they be cute for valentine's day?). a 3-1/2 would have been a better size, but they don't come in half sizes.  she'll grow into them.  she also isn't quite heavy enough to squeak yet.  every few steps she'll let out a squeak and she loves it!  she hasn't been on the floor (sitting) since i put them on her.  she's cruising all around.

both pair are really soft and flexible.  i'm surprised at that, seems that when i buy "cheap" shoes that they usually are hard, thus why i usually spend way too much on their shoes at stride rite (at least $50 per pair!).  i do like these though.  i will definitely keep them in mind for holly as her feet get bigger and the weather warms with spring!  kendal, unfortunately, is wearing the largest size they make.  so, this is it for him.  :(

i'll post a video later of them squeaking.  i need an extra set of hands to help holly walk... can't video and get her at the same time (walking).


  1. Those are really cute. Love the red shoes. I need to get a pair of bright red shoes and a bright red leather handbag!!!!!

  2. There's nothing like experiencing the squeak in person... He was quite the popular little fellow, when you throw the squeak on top of his already charming cuteness... ;) Glad he (and you and NT) got to go see some hockey, and show off the squeak!



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