Monday, November 30, 2009

raleigh christmas parade

ah, that time of year already!  you know... the weekend before thanksgiving when raleigh has its christmas parade!  at least this year it wasn't cold.  last year it was too cold for us to even go.

kendal LOVES parades.  my biggest beef with raleigh's is the fact they didn't have many rescue vehicles in it (i.e., police cars, ambulances, fire trucks...).  those are kendal's favorites.  he likes the bands and the motorcycles ok, but nothing beats a firetruck really!

well, unless a train went by.  then, that may have topped it all.

so anyway, here are a few pics from that.  katelyn met us there.  we left for kentucky right after the parade was over (well, after we ate at village deli, anyway...)

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