Sunday, November 1, 2009


kendal and holly were spiders for halloween this year.  i made their costumes if you can't tell.

we had some friends come over and trick-or-treat with us.  tripp was a dinosaur, and chiara was snow white.  here we go!

by the end of the night, the boys were riding together and the girls were riding together...

at the end of the loop, our back-door (through the woods) neighbors  were having a halloween party.  though we were the first ones there, we did have some snacks and kendal and i walked a little through the haunted forest (backwards) far enough to see our neighbor, tanner, who was working one of the scare stations.  kendal wasn't scared though, but, no one tried to scared him.  he always said "hi" to the ghosts and goblins.

(holly had a wet diaper, was hungry, and it was past her bedtime.  she only wanted me to hold her.  all the kids were concerned about her!)

kendal was quite sleepy too.

afterwards, they both enjoyed a cup or bottle of milk and a little naked playtime before bed!

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