Tuesday, January 12, 2010

FB vent

i think its funny when people join groups like "its a status not a diary" on facebook.
um, if you are on there then you must be interested.
and, you can block or unfriend.

oh, and what about the guy who finally figured out what the colors were for and had to post the ARTICLE the said what the colors were for?  were we REALLY busted?  eh, not really.  we weren't doing it to advertise our bra color or to pull one over on you.  it was for breast cancer awareness, loser.  and, just like cancer, the word spread among women like wildfire.  just hope that all involved did a self-breast check that next morning in the shower!  i know i did!

(amy, i'm not talking about you or any of your 'friends' (or myself for that matter):)
to the girl who disagrees with everything you say - bite me.  you're an idiot.  just because you have to get rid of your dog doesn't mean that you are a bad person.  sometimes your wife and children have to come first.  and, dogs are NOT people.  no matter what you may think.  i'm willing to bet  you don't have any children (or nieces and nephews).  you clearly seem to think that dogs are human.  (insert world's most annoying noise - because that is the sound that reminds me of you)


and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop ending me mafia wars or zookeeper or whatever fish world invitations.  i'm not doing it.  never ever.  EVER.

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