Tuesday, January 5, 2010

special christmas gifts

oh let me just be a little sentimental for a moment.  and i mean just a moment because those of you who know me know how un-sentimental i am.

we had such a great christmas this year.  we got to see most of our families which is so special to me.  the only part we didn't get to see was my dad's side - but, we just couldn't get there in time on christmas morning AND make it to nathaniel's parents in the afternoon.  just to much on top of santa.  next year we may have to do something different altogether. i'd really like so spend my christmas day at home.

we got (and gave) lots of great gifts.  thanks to melissa, i discovered a new wine i like (and don't get a headache from - assuming i don't drink too much of it of coarse!)  kendal and holly were spoiled rotten by santa and their grandparents and their aunts and uncles.  i love the way christmas has become about children.  and, not just my children, but ALL the children i know.  i loved watching sophie and jacqueline and alina and sam and josh and grace and faith all open gifts just as much as i enjoy my own children open gifts.  i LOVE that they all got lots of things - we (i) are so lucky to have family to spoil our children like that.  financially we had a disaster of a year!  but, we ended it with a plethora of imagination toys for them to enjoy for the next year!  (yes, some of them are in the attic for later!)

ok, so to my point here.  i want to start a blog series and discuss some of the coolest things we "got" for christmas.  i.e., what my kids have really started playing with.  (keep in mind that a lot of stuff is in the attic so they aren't exposed to all of it right now...)

first, i wanted to stick with my sentimental theme and show you one of the most special gifts we got this year.  and i know the person who gave it to us is probally going to roll his eyes, but, it REALLY is a special gift.  it is something we will ALWAYS keep and treasure.  (it is the coin from rob's last FOB.) 

of coarse even more special than the coin was getting to share part of the holiday with rob. he is such a wonderful person.  i am so grateful that he made it home safe and hope and pray that he continues to be as fortunate, careful, and skilled in his job as he returns to the dangerous and rugged war zone in afghanistan in the next couple of weeks.  when he was at mom's house, he shared pictures he took during his moving convoy across central afghanistan - they were ghostly and amazing all at the same time.  many looked to me like what the wild west would have looked like had their been digital cameras back in the 1800s.  the geography appeared dry. desert. cold. windy. dusty. poor. sparse. dangerous. rugged. harsh.

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