Wednesday, January 6, 2010

new years un-resolutions

i'm taking a different approach this year.
this year i'm not making any 'real' resolutions.  i'm making up my own kind of resolutions, and i'm calling them un-resolutions.

here is my list:
1. loose some weight.  first, though, i will gain some by finishing all the candy left over from christmas.  that way, i can just loose what i gain by eating all the candy and break even in then end.

2. accept chaos in my house.  this unresolution includes not doing a massive clean up before anyone comes over.  i have kids.  they have toys.  my kids are too little to put things up, thus leaving my floor scattered in trip hazards.  if you don't want to see it (or step over it), then invite us to your house.

3. not kick myself for not writing thank you notes, especially since i can't do it because the kids won't stay out of my lap (it is hard to write with one hand - plus kendal thinks HE should be writing if he sees paper and pen...).  cindy wrote to me today "Love that and forget the thank you notes. I don't know anyone who would want to rob your lap from a babe to get a thank you note!!!!"  point taken.  if they get done, then they get done.  if not, everyone - THANK YOU. (and officially, unless i completely forgot sometime in the past, this will the the FIRST time i've not written thank you notes at all or in a timely fashion.)

4.  wrinkled clothes wear just as good as pressed ones.  i will accept that.  and, pjs function just as well during the day as they do at night.  who am i kidding, i'm not going anywhere!  who am i "dressing up" for?

5.  my hair does not have to be highlighted (though i do prefer at least some color!) - maybe this year i can start accepting my gray.  hum.  maybe not.

6.  find a job.  or, figure out how to save $500 a week so i can stay home and not need unemployment.  anyone want to buy a car?  i really like raising my children.


  1. Amen, sistah. And only because I love you I'm whispering "type alert in number 1. above. twice! horrors!". I know how those bug you and I also know that after a few years without writing a lot, I'm slipping myself and it horrifies me when I see it later. note the lack of correct punctuation in this comment :-) love this blog entry!!!!!!!

  2. LOL LOL LOL I have a typo in my comment!!!!

  3. lol, "loose" is a sort of joke my husband and i have. he says as long as i keep misspelling it, then he knows it is me writing it. i know it is really lose!



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