Thursday, January 7, 2010

jan. 2010: big changes in our house!

just an update to what has happened in our house as the new year dawned upon us!

kendal is has officially had a night in his big boy bed - he's had naps in it, but last night he slept in it for the night.  he stayed in it all night and got up at 7am.  right on time!

i don't have any pictures of him in the bed yet - but, this is what it looks like.  it is a hand-me-down from gabe - who moved up to a BIG BIG boy bed for his 3rd birthday on jan 1st!  where has the time gone???  (thanks emily for the bed!)

holly is officially off the bottle.  she won't even entertain the idea.  i wasn't ready for this.  i don't even remember her last one.  (and, we still have some formula left!)

kendal can climb on anything now.  its not unusual to find him sitting on top of something eating his breakfast out of holly's reach (like the center of the ottoman).  he is a climbing machine.

speaking of climbing machines,  holly can beat him up the stairs.  she is a stairmaster.  she has also gained the new nickname of godzilla because of the way she destroys everything such as the train track, etc.  if it is put together, she will surely pull it apart.

speaking of pulling things apart, last night at 3am when i was wide awake, i decided to use the time wisely and i FINALLY got my (and the kids') thank you cards finished.  beside my bed was a neat stack of address envelopes (no stamps).  while getting breakfast this morning, kendal saw them and decided that those envelopes needed opening.  so, now i just have to address new envelopes...

and, holly officially has a mullet.  good thing though that she has what appears to be a thick undergrowth coming out now.  hopefully she'll end up with long, luxurious locks like her brother.  (though, his could never be long. he's about 1 month past due on a haircut.  he has crazy hair every day now!)

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  1. Sweet! Love the Godzilla bit. Just don't let her turn into a Patzilla, ha ha.



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