Thursday, January 21, 2010

pretend gas pumps

when i was little, both of my grandfathers owned and operated gas stations.  i grew up knowing about changing tires, pumping gas, and running a cash register.

i was just sitting on the floor playing with kendal and holly as they played with their fisher price garage.  they love to put the cars (or just the people) on the ramp and watch them spiral down.  i like the fact they play with it together. peacefully.

HOWEVER... i was noticing the gas pump and air pump on the front of the toy.  you know what?  my kids have NO idea what a gas pump is.  they are in the car when i get gas, but they never get out of their seat.  they haven't seen me open my gas tank, haven't seen me put in the gas nozzle, or actually pump gas.  they don't know what pumping gas sounds like, and they CERTAINLY don't know what putting air in the tires is!

thus, i'm not sure why that is a feature of the toy.  a gas pump?  what kid these days knows what that is.  unless you live on a farm and daddy (or granddaddy) has a pump for his tractors, a kid these days isn't likely gonna know what a gas pump is. 

how sad is that?  i'll have to make SURE kendal learns how to change a tire before he can drive a car.

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