Monday, January 25, 2010

kids shows

we got a new wonderpets video in preparation for our trip to florida.

the kids do well in the car when it is light out, but once it is dark, they don't like riding.  it is that inbetween sleep time but too dark to see anything - you know what i mean?  they want to keep the light on in the back seat and it can be distracting.

anyway, now we have 3 wonderpets videos, 1 elmo video, and 1 wiggle video, oh, and 2 baby einstein videos.  obviously they won't watch them straight, but, at least we won't have to listen to any repeats!  ;)

kendal loves the wiggles, by the way.  they are usually on when he wakes up - before holly wakes up, and he can watch them until she gets up.  they keep him quiet.  they come on again at noon, and it is how we wind down for nap.  (plus i can wash the dishes). 

he asks for them at night but of coarse, they don't come on at night.  wonder pets does, but only at 8:30.  sometimes that is after his bedtime.

ok, that is my ramble for the night.  ramble ramble ramble.


  1. Does Kendal watch Max and Ruby? That is Gabe's latest obsession. That and Yo Gabba Gabba. He used to HATE that show. Funny how their tastes change so much.

  2. kendal (and everyone including us) loves yo gabba gabba. holly loves the music in it. i think that show is what has finally gotten kendal to eating new foods. "there a party in my tummy!" they both love to dance to their weird dances too. that show is a trip!

    kendal doesn't like max and ruby yet.



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