Monday, March 7, 2011

Captain Kendal

He will surely feel like a captain when he sleeps in his new bed.  Yes, we finally decided.  And, this was truly a "we" decision.  I had two (or three) bed ideas picked out and when we went to Rooms to Go Kids, a different one caught Nathaniel's eye - and so we ended up getting something totally different than I had on my list.  That makes 5 months of careful planning for me to end up being spontaneous.  I love it though and I can't wait to get it.

I think he'll love using the drawers for toys.  We also got him a chest for his clothes.  He will not have a nightstand.  There just isn't enough room for it!

So double the fun with the play on a word... Kendal will be the team captian when we decorate his room in the JV line from pottery barn kids!  I wanted to go to the store to look at the airplane stuff, but this set caught Nathaniel's eye (as did the Star Wars set) - so, we got the quilt and baseball sheets and sham (which i'll get monogrammed with his name) and RED curtains.  I should have gotten that baseball pillow in the below picture but i just didn't think about it.  We also are going to repaint his room to tan. 

I have some other decorating ideas but they are make-at-home so I now have to find the time to do it.  (Anyone want to donate extra hours in the day?)  One of them is to make him a large-size baseball card and hang it in his room.  In order to do that, I have to take his photograph - in costume, with a bat, on a baseball field.

Furniture gets delivered on the 19th, so we have less than 2 weeks to prepare.

Oh, and Holly will get Kendal's train bed.  She loves it even if it isn't girly.  Next year, we'll go through all this again for her room.  Which, I've already decided that we'll de-pink (the walls). 

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