Thursday, March 24, 2011

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About two weeks ago, I had a baseline health survey for work.  It included blood work.  I expected to get something like “your iron is low” or “you need to lose weight” or “your Vitamin D levels are low” but instead, I got a note that really blew me away.  It was included a check mark that said I needed to follow up with my doctor, and that medication may be required.  

My cholesterol is high.  In particular, the bad cholesterol (LDL).

Keep in mind that I eat very little meat.  When I do eat it, it is only a small amount.  I eat a ton of veggies  (we eat plain old salad a minimum of  4 nights a week ), nuts, berries, and beans – all the things that are supposed to keep your cholesterol low and/or give you the good cholesterol (HDL).  Quite frankly, the only animal products I do eat, outside of my mom’s house, are cheese and the incidental cream that I put in my coffee and sour cream I put on my salad.  A pack of butter lasts about 2 months in my house.  Yesterday, I ate a cheese sandwich for lunch and, that included, at the end of the day, I had 36% of the daily recommended amount of cholesterol for people my height and weight.  And, yesterday was mostly a normal eating day for me.  (I may have skimped on the chocolate but chocolate is cholesterol free – aiming for 1500 calories!)

It really gets away with me that my LDL was so high.  Where is this coming from?   I hate knowing there are bad things in my body.  I try so hard to eat healthy and right, eating lots of fiber and choosing organic and chemical and processed free foods.  Nathaniel sent me an article about how to manage cholesterol.  It, specifically, said to:

1. Not eat processed food.  Already do. 

2. Avoid animal products.  Already do.

3. Eat lots of fiber and foods that raise your HDL.  Already do.

4. Maintain a healthy weight.  Mostly do (Weight management is a work in constant progress).

5. Exercise. Could be better about that but I do walk at lunch when I can. Wait, isn’t chasing kids enough?  :)

I just don’t understand.  I’m so upset about this!

On another, more positive, note, there is a new whole foods in Raleigh!  I’m sure I’ll be there with the rest of town on Saturday!  Our pantry is about bare.  We are also out of lettuce.

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  1. Bad cholesterol can also be genetic. One other thing you can do to lower the bad and raise the good: DRINK RED WINE!!!!!



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