Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nov 11 - 17 thankfuls

i can remember what i was thankful for!  i use a datebook.
friday, nov. 11th, i was REALLY thankful that my best friend of old times and her two boys came to visit us.  her boys and my boy, though hers are much older, meshed so well.  kendal loves friends.  he said later that night that they were his cousins.  so cute!  it was also GREAT to see her.  i never see her often enough.  i wish we were neighbors.

sat. nov. 12th, i was REALLY thankful to have the honor and pleasure of taking pictures of a gal i worked with at gymboree and her family.  they were some serious smilers.  beautiful as she is, she also has a very handsome husband, a GORGEOUS - mammasgirl oldest daugher, an adorable - daddysboy middle son, and just the sweetest and content (seems to be daddys girl) baby.  we had a great time, and i got to show her around dehart (she's also enjoys photography!)

sunday, nov. 13th, morning went off without a hitch.  i took pictures of my kids at joyner park - gonna use these for our christmas cards.  kendal had a little bruise on his forehead but i got him at angles that kept it hidden.  also, those glasses - well, lets just say i got some experience in with taking pictures of kids/people with glasses.  that isn't as easy as i thought.  they were somewhat patient and also, nathaniel got in a run after we got in our shoot.  the kids also walked one of the loops and got to watch their daddy run.  it was awesome.

monday, nov. 14th, i'm thankful that nathaniel made it through the day.  he wasn't feeling well but he didn't get sick at work.  that's the only problem with having one car - if he goes home, then i have to go home too.

same goes for tuesday, nov. 15th.  im thankful that he wasn't sick.  i worried all night where i'd park if he was still sick.

wednesday, nov. 16th, i'm thankful that i got an RSVP on holly's birthday party.  i know this is trivial but out of all the little people we invited, this was the ONE PERSON i was hoping could come!  so, yay!

today is thursday, nov. 17.  i had a stack of work on my desk when i got here.  i tried to stay off the internet all morning so i could get it done.  besides ordering 2 things from target (our internet wouldn't work last night), i've done that - and i got most all of it off! even though i did have a meeting...  yay!  that is a huge accomplishment for me.  you should have seen how much work it was!  now i have another huge set of tasks because those things just morph into other things... letters...

ok, lunch break is over!

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