Saturday, November 12, 2011

photo challenges

this week's subject for the paper mama and i heart faces are both fall related. REVISION:  this post is now for the best faces challenge on i heart faces - week of jan. 9th, 2012!

yesterday, i took holly on a mini-shoot with the intention of capturing ONE photo (of many) for her birthday invitation.  one of those is perfect for this week's challenges.

the setting:  4:30ish pm at a dehart botanical gardens (central NC), the sun was setting in the trees, holly was sitting on a rock, she had a big red maple to her side, the bright sky was peeking through the trees, the "lake" (really it is a pond) was reflecting light up at her face - it just couldn't have been more perfect.  processed with florabella's musette action. 

 this photo was entered into the i heart faces photo challenge – (twice!)

 and thepapermama's photo challenge -
The Paper Mama



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