Thursday, November 3, 2011

top ten thursday

ok, so really it is thankful thursday, but since i'm doing thankfuls already, i'm gonna switch and do a "top ten thursday" since i can think of 10 things i hope for about tomorrow.

top ten things i hope will happen to kendal after he gets his new glasses tomorrow
1. obviously, i hope he will be able to see up close!
2. he won't stand so dang close to the TV.
3. he will be able to read without holding books close.
4. he won't furrow his brow (which will lead to early wrinkles on his forehead).
5. he will be able to see how beautiful his family is.
6. he won't be afraid of what his family looks like! (maybe i should fix my hair tomorrow!?!)
7. he will like love his new glasses.
8. he will want to write.
9. he will not get tired and grumpy (i.e. tired eyes).
10. he will be a happy new boy getting to see the world up close to him!

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